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All Pro
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P.O. Box 92364
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Roof Cleaning

Hello property and home owners: it is crucial that you stay on top of your moss control. As one of the leading moss control specialists we recommend that property owners start a regular "yearly schedule" whereby they remove all the ugly moss to prevent damage to the property roof. It is also recommended that after you remove all the moss, a yearly treatment plan be maintained to keep the moss from growing back.

When moss removal is not taken care of regularly, moss will build up and begin to rot the roof, ultimately requiring roof replacement, which can be very costly to the owner. The size of the roof, how bad the moss build up is, and the time it takes to remove the moss will determine the cost of the moss removal along with the method selected. Please remember: your property is your investment and money spent maintaining your property is well worth it.

Be aware of companies that spray moss only. This method kills the moss but does not remove it from the roof. Old dried out moss on your roof makes it unattractive, lowering the value of your property and leaves the job incomplete. If you are going to spend the money to have your roof cleaned, we recommend that the moss be removed completely.

Gutters that are not cleaned on a regular basis can back-up and begin to spill over and cause excess water around the properties foundation. This--as most of us know--can cause water damage to basements and crawl spaces. Yearly gutter and moss control schedules can assist with a well maintained property and eliminate any problem that might occur with excess water.

All Pro Pressure Washing Services provides a complete moss control program. Our removal method includes low pressure cold water and treatment with Lilly Miller® Moss Out!™. We clean off valleys by using a professional blower. One of our objectives is always consider safety first; we use roof pads so as to not damage the property roof line. Depending on the pitch of the roof, we have tie off methods that are practiced.